.NET SDK to open your IBM i to a new world

LINK2i, developed by AUMERIAL is an all in one SDK which integrates natively with Microsoft .NET, functionally rich, easy to install, deploy & maintain with an immediate ROI


Considering the IBM i & .NET as a single system

LINK2i is based on a simple yet innovative idea: allow customers to benefit from the advantages of the IBM i system (robustness, security, data storage power) and at the same time, taking advantage of the accessibility, speed, connectivity and ergonomics of Microsoft's open system: .NET.
Manage your data, reuse your programs, administrate your IBM i and even more from .NET environments with LINK2i: The all-in-one solution to open your IBM i to a new world.

Boost your ROI


Integrate your IBM i system?s with standard technologies and grow your skill set. Include your IBM i in DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategies.
Create a proficient collaboration between IBM i and .NET specialists.
LINK2i technical overview


Query your data, integrate DB2 for i in any environment and export thousands of records in the blink of an eye. Minimum code for maximum productivity.
Database functions


Benefit from the robustness of IBM i programs (RPG, COBOL...) from any environment. Run and manipulate programs easily in user friendly interfaces.
Value and profit from past investments by performing joint development between AS/400, IBM i and .NET technologies.
Run IBM i programs from .NET Framework

Take the POWER back


Fully administer and monitor your IBM i system anywhere, anytime, from any device.
About admin functions in .NET Framework
About admin functions in .NET Core


LINK2i natively integrates within Visual Studio IDE as a Nuget package to develop with standard C#.NET or VB.NET syntax in .NET Core/Framework environments.
About LINK2i installation process


Explore any IBM i and get an in-depth knowledge of what's inside.
About inventory functions in .NET Framework
About inventory functions in .NET Core


Insert your IBM i within Cloud containers using Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, IBM Cloud Private, Microsoft Azure...
Set up hybrid cloud applications with IBM i systems thanks to LINK2i full integration into .NET. About LINK2i deployment architectures

For more information about LINK2i features, visit LINK2i knowledge center.



  • Set of 52 .NET functions to manage data, run programs and administrate the IBM i
  • Reliable and lightweight protocol, without ODBC
  • No data/datamodel duplication
  • All-in-one in one single NuGet package
  • Requires an x86 platform to run



  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or newer
  • IBM i/AS400/ISeries version 4.4 or newer
  • IBM Client Access/ACS installed and configured
  • Basic knowledge in VB.NET or C#.NET
  • IBM i session username and password


  • Reference to LINK2i using NuGet
  • Preliminary installation (achieved in a few minutes)
  • LINK2i only requires a dedicated library on the IBM i to operate
  • All the installation process is straight forward for any .NET beginner
  • No footprint on the IBM i system, uninstall LINK2i or migrate without issue

Check LINK2i specifications for further information


Start with a free trial before purchasing :

LINK2i Trial
30 days trial period
  • The easiest way to start prototyping with LINK2i
  •  Unlimited users & x86 servers
  •  Free of charge and without obligation for up to 30 days
  •  Access to code snippets & online documentation
  •  Upgradable to a Business subscription
LINK2i Business
3 600€*
*Introductory offer
Per year, per IBM i partition, VAT excluded
  • The ultimate tool to scale up IBM i / .NET applications
  •  Unlimited users & x86 servers
  •  Renewable 1 year subscription, yearly billing
  •  Access to code snippets & online documentation
  •  Premium support access

LINK2i functions are fully functional in both Trial and Business plans.

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Our company

With 30+ years of expertise in IBM i and AS/400 technology combined with a strong Microsoft .NET knowledge, AUMERIAL develops and markets LINK2i. It is an innovative software solution providing bi-directional & real-time access to IBM i data, resources and management functions from Windows, Linux, iOS & Android platforms.

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