.NET Core overview


Link2iFor.Net Core is an API that allows developing information systems with .Net Coretechnology while benefiting from IBM i storage and / or background processing resources.
In addition to the API, download Microsoft Visual Studio project "Link2iForNetCore" on our website (www.link2i.com / Download). This project provides examples implementing and explaining all the functions.
The IBM i has experienced a major evolution of its data management system from the V5R4M0. Link2iFor.Net Core can’t be used in older version. S36 environment is not supported. To work with that environment, you have to use CONNECT and EVOLVE modules developed in .Net Framework.


Link2iFor.Net Core can reach all IBM i through the Link2i API (refer to "How to do" manual to know how to use Link2i API). In addition, we can use IBM Secure Gateway in that configuration.
To get IBM i benefits, Link2iFor.Net Core consumes WCF web services provided by Link2i API.

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